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In Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Michigan, more than 1 in 5 drivers lack insurance. While the statistics aren't that grim in all states, this underscores the need to protect your car and your passengers from uninsured drivers with the appropriate auto insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

You have a vehicle that’s well-loved. You rely on the car (or perhaps do not use it often), but you know you need to have auto insurance for it. Still, you just do not want to spend a lot of money on an older or used car. There are a few options for reducing your coverage costs. READ MORE >>

The thought of your loved ones paying for your end-of-life needs may bother you. Yet, you may be older. Buying a traditional life insurance policy may seem impossible. It is possible, however, for most people to purchase an end-of-life policy that provides the type of coverage necessary. READ MORE >>

When you arrange to rent a home, your landlord might inform you that they will require you to buy renters insurance. At this time, they will likely tell you what coverage you need, and how much to buy. Usually, they will require you to buy renters insurance. Some landlords might require $100,000 or more in liability limits. READ MORE >>

Many times, property owners do everything they can to take care of their home. When something happens in this situation, such an accident, it is up to the homeowner to make the repairs. To do so, many contact their home insurance agent to learn about coverage options. Home insurance can help in some situations. READ MORE >>

You just received a speeding ticket. Perhaps you were a bit distracted, and that caused you not to pay attention to the speed limit. Now that you have a ticket, what happens to your driver’s license? Will it impact your auto insurance? Here is what you need to know about points and how they impact your car insurance costs. READ MORE >>

When planning for your future, there are many decisions to make. You need to consider things such as whether life insurance is right for you. Some may think putting money into a retirement account is a better option. That may not always be the best. You should work with a financial advisor for specific advice. READ MORE >>

If you decide to move from one rental home to another, even within the same neighborhood, it’s a big change. You will now go to a new space and leave the old one behind. And, even once you move, you might have a brief period during which you still have responsibility for the old property. READ MORE >>

Many people find home insurance works just the way it should. You have a problem that occurs. You file a claim with your insurance agent. The agent gets estimates, determines the cause, and writes a check for the repairs. It does not always go so smoothly, though. In some situations, you may not receive coverage at all. READ MORE >>

Fires can occur anywhere in a home or on a property. When it occurs, your priority is to get it out and to minimize the damage. Yet, after this happens, you may need to file an insurance claim. If a fire occurs in the garage, what type of insurance will help you? This depends on a variety of factors. READ MORE >>

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