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If you decide to move from one rental home to another, even within the same neighborhood, it’s a big change. You will now go to a new space and leave the old one behind. And, even once you move, you might have a brief period during which you still have responsibility for the old property. READ MORE >>

Many people find home insurance works just the way it should. You have a problem that occurs. You file a claim with your insurance agent. The agent gets estimates, determines the cause, and writes a check for the repairs. It does not always go so smoothly, though. In some situations, you may not receive coverage at all. READ MORE >>

Fires can occur anywhere in a home or on a property. When it occurs, your priority is to get it out and to minimize the damage. Yet, after this happens, you may need to file an insurance claim. If a fire occurs in the garage, what type of insurance will help you? This depends on a variety of factors. READ MORE >>

You enroll in life insurance to help those left behind after your death. The good thing about these policies is that they often have few or no restrictions on use. Survivors can use them in many ways. How can they maximize your coverage to your benefit? Can you take any steps to ensure family members use money specifically? READ MORE >>

When you rent a home, the property doesn’t belong to you. Still, all the household threats that come with occupancy still beckon. There’s always a chance that a damaging event, like a house fire, could destroy the home and your personal assets. You don’t want to face the prospect. READ MORE >>

You may know many home insurance companies check your credit score before providing coverage. They want to know if you are a financially responsible individual. But, if you want to receive quotes from several companies, could this create a problem on your score? Requesting numerous insurance quotes will not impact your credit score. READ MORE >>

Common traffic violations occur for many reasons. It may seem like getting a ticket is just a hassle. However, recognizing why certain actions are risky can show the value in making changes. The benefits include helping to keep your auto insurance low. Do you know what the most common violations are and why they tend to happen so often? READ MORE >>

Making decisions about a life insurance claim can be challenging. This type of policy provides a person with funds after the policyholder dies. The funds aim to help the beneficiary to continue to live the lifestyle he or she desires. Yet, there are a few decisions to make. One of them is about how you will receive the funds. READ MORE >>

People who rent homes don’t own their property. However, they still live there. By doing so, they pose risks to others. To protect themselves against third-party harm, most renters will carry renters liability insurance. How much coverage do you need? What are the benefits of increasing your liability limits. READ MORE >>

From baseball card collections to precious jewels, family heirlooms carry very special value. Sometimes, the item itself does not have a high price tag. It could be a set of old photographs, for example. Yet, it is very valuable to the owner.  These items need proper protection. READ MORE >>

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